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Below are some guidelines to help dancers, parents and families navigate through the Competition Dance Season.


  • Only dancers and teachers are allowed backstage. This is not a Ballet Arts rule, this is an ‘all Competitions’ rule. Prior to dancers taking the stage, only the dancers competing, and their choreographer are allowed backstage. You can wish them luck prior to them going backstage. After they compete, please wait for them to come out into the audience or the lobby. I understand that other studios will not adhere to these rules, but they are supposed to.



  • Please keep in mind that this event is for our dancers. I want no distractions. Please keep this in mind when inviting people to attend the show. Ballet Arts does reserve the right to excuse any attendees that cause disruption of any kind. This goes for Competition as well. Former dancers and former teachers can be a distraction sometimes. We’re all very happy to see them, but I want us all to keep our eye on the prize. Remember why we are here. Remember the time and money that was spent on Competition fees, costumes, tuition, rehearsals, shoes, travel, and ask yourself is it worth all of that for our dancers to be distracted during the Competition.



  • All dancers must have their names clearly marked on their items. This includes shoes (on the inside), costumes (on the tag), dance bag and anything else they may have. 



  • All Competition schedules are usually released 1 week prior to the event. If I have not posted it, it’s because I don’t have it yet. Once I receive it, I will post for everyone to see on the Company Facebook page, Company Website, and email it to each of you. Please do not message me asking if it’s out yet.



  • At the bottom, I have attached a Competition Checklist. You do not have to go by this, but it is helpful, especially to the new families with us this year. If I missed something you feel should be added, please see me afterwards or email me.



  • Your last class prior to the Competition, please make sure you have everything you need out of your locker. I do not want calls saying you left your shoes in your locker. This is very inconvenient for Phil, Alecia or myself to have to come all the way here, especially with our Durham, Louisburg and Raleigh Competitions.



  • This part is so important. You need to get plenty of rest the night before Competition. I know the night before Competition can be like Christmas Eve. But, if you’re not rested, it will show when you’re on stage.



  • I am very firm on this. All dancers must arrive 90 minutes prior to their first dance. Not 30 minutes, not an hour…90 minutes. This allows time for getting ready, stretching, final rehearsals, as well as the Competitions running ahead of schedule. The only exception to the 90 minute rule is if your dance is at the very beginning of the day and doors don’t open until 1 hour beforehand. In this instance, you need to come to the Competition dressed already.



  • Dancers & Parents, when you arrive, please check in with me so I know you have arrived at the Competition. Waiting and wondering when you’re going to get there is a stress that I don’t want at Competition, especially with so many other things going on. Again, please check in with me as soon as you get to the venue.


  • All dancers must have their Company Jacket! This is extremely important! When do you wear your Company Jacket?

    • ​Before you dance and you have your costume on. No costume should be visible to the public until you step on the stage.

    • When you’re on stage for Awards. You should be head to toe in Ballet Arts when on stage for Awards.



  • Last year, one of the things that upset me was we did not sit together in the audience. We are a team. A team sits together. From a dancer’s perspective, when your friends & family are spread out in the audience, it just sounds like a regular audience. But, when you’re together and cheering loudly for your teammates and family on stage, it makes a world of difference. You know where your friends & family are. There’s no denying it. I’m not asking people to reserve seats or take up whole rows for our studio, but we need to approach each event like a family. There is power in numbers. We must make sure our dancers know where we are…and our competition know who we are!

  • Now, going back to what I said about ATTENDEES. Please keep in mind that this event is for our dancers. I want no distractions. Please keep this in mind when inviting people to attend the show. Disruption of any kind will not be tolerated. Keep this in mind when inviting former dancers and former teachers to events.



  • All dancers must stay for their respective awards. What that means is if you competed within the block where there is an Awards. You need to be on the stage ready to support your teammates and receive your award. If you did not compete in that block, but our studio did, you are more than welcome to go on stage and support them but is not mandatory. After Awards are over, please stay on stage for pictures. Each Awards that Ballet Arts is a part of, we will take pictures. Captains, one of your duties is to help gather dancers for pictures. This way it’s very quick and we can move on to getting ready for our next dances.



  • After each Awards ceremony, all Captains will bring their group awards to Dash. This includes trophies, plaques, bags, and overall awards. Dancers are free to split up their group pins while you’re on stage. Solo awards go to their respective soloists. Choreography awards go to their respective Instructors.



  • Competition time can be stressful. It can be hectic and sometimes chaotic. Remember to breathe! If you need help with something, ask your Teammates, Company Parents, Teachers, and Directors. We must be there for each other.



  • This is for everyone! Dancers. Parents. Teachers. When at Competition, we are a representation of Ballet Arts. Not only our studio, but we also represent our parents, our families, and our teachers. I expect everyone to be on their best behavior. If there is an issue, come get me first!



  • If an emergency arises (stuck in traffic, suddenly sick), TEXT DASH ASAP! Don’t call first. Depending on where I am in the arena, I may not be able to answer. But the quicker I know about it, the quicker I can make arrangements. My number is 919-730-6865. My phone is always on me. I will respond as quickly as possible, or I will have someone close to me message you.

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