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ballet arts all stars


HAIR: This year, we will changing up our Competition hairstyle. We will be going with a Double Dutch braid into a low ponytail. If for any reason, we need to have a low bun, this hairstyle is super easy to transition the low ponytail into a bun. I have attached 3 videos for you to practice. Please do not wait until the last minute to practice this new Company hairstyle. Thank you!

MAKE UP: Smokey eye with wings. Fake eyelashes. Natural lip color. You do not need to buy the exact make up that is in the tutorial video. NOVICE DANCERS WILL NOT WEAR FAKE EYELASHES, THEY WILL NEED MASCARA. INTERMEDIATE, ADVANCED & ELITE DANCERS WILL WEAR FAKE EYELASHES.

JEWELRY: The only jewelry we are wearing this year is the Competition earrings. We will not be wearing the necklace. If you need Competition earrings, please let the office know by Friday, September 9th. This is the deadline for ordering any Competition accessories. These come in pierced and clip on. If you already have Competition earrings from years past, you should be fine. Please check with the office just to be sure.

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