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All Stars Company

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Ballet Arts “All Stars” Company members range in age from 7 to 18 years old and are chosen by audition annually.
Company members represent Ballet Arts at local events, parades, performances and at regional, national and world competitions.

The Ballet Arts “All Stars” Company was established in 1993 under the direction of Alecia LaKernick with the encouragement of Matilda Roberson Seifert.  The first company consisted of a dozen dancers, with one company instructor.  Today, there are about four dozen company dancers, within four company levels, taking classes under eight company instructors.  We wish Matilda could still be with us today to see the effect her inspiration had on us.  I know that she would be so proud of all that our dancers have accomplished.


The “All Stars” Company attends one to two Dance Conventions a year. They attend three to four Competitions where the entire Company attends and competes. In addition to this, the soloists compete at three to four optional Competitions.

The Ballet Arts All Star Competition Dance Team is under the Direction of Dash Michaels.

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Miss Alecia

Matilda Seifert

Dash Michaels

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